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Game night? Really? 

Yes, really. Rich, our winemaker/co-owner is a lover of games - video, board, card, mind, you name it. So, we are indulging him with a monthly game night - every third Wednesday of each month to be exact. After all, he owns half of the business AND he makes the wines that make Locus Wines a winery. 

So what is about games that he likes, we asked him. "It is basically the problem solving part of it and the community aspect of game playing in general," he said. "And I am a nerd at heart."

Well, we salute you, nerd, in the name of all the game nerds out there. 

Upcoming Game Nights:

Wednesday, August 17th

Wednesday, September 14th

Wednesday, October 19th

Wednesday, November 16th

Sorry Board Game
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