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2013 Locus Semillon SOLD OUT


We believe the following stores and restaurants still have some left:

  1. Cone and Steiner: They have been selling the Semillon by the bucket. So, they probably have some still. Capitol Hill store only.

  2. Local 360: They only recently started carrying the Semillon so chances are very high they still have it.

  3. European Vine Selections: The Seattle landmark wine store got the last few cases we believe. You can accost them to give them up.

  4. Leschi Mart: The ‘arguably one of the best wine stores in town’ neighborhood market had at least 4 bottles, last time we checked the shelves (Oh yes, we do that… We nonchalantly walk by our bottles and tidy them up, if they need it)

  5. St Clouds: They received a case of it early last week. You probably have another week to catch the last of it.

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