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2013 Locus Semillon SOLD OUT

Yes, it’s true. We are out of the 2013 Locus Dineen Vineyard Semillon (so is our distributor… Put the phone down). But don’t panic just yet. We think that there may still be some left out there… And oh, if you are willing to wait for a few months, the 2014 Dineen Vineyard Semillon should be available in March 2015.

We believe the following stores and restaurants still have some left:

  1. Cone and Steiner: They have been selling the Semillon by the bucket. So, they probably have some still. Capitol Hill store only.

  2. Local 360: They only recently started carrying the Semillon so chances are very high they still have it.

  3. European Vine Selections: The Seattle landmark wine store got the last few cases we believe. You can accost them to give them up.

  4. Leschi Mart: The ‘arguably one of the best wine stores in town’ neighborhood market had at least 4 bottles, last time we checked the shelves (Oh yes, we do that… We nonchalantly walk by our bottles and tidy them up, if they need it)

  5. St Clouds: They received a case of it early last week. You probably have another week to catch the last of it.


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