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$8/glass, ALL Open Bottle Wines on Sundays After 3PM

We close the Pioneer Square tasting room on Sundays at 5PM. We don't open it back up until 3PM on Thursday. So, what happens to all the open wine bottles at the end of the week? They either go down the drain or go home with us.

Well, they could go down your drain if you'd like, if we can be crass for a second. Instead of pouring out these wines, we thought we could offer it to you at $8 a glass until they are gone. We close at 5PM anyway. It is not like you are going to drink the entire inventory - this is not a challenge, Rob.

The big disclaimer here is that it applies to already open bottles and we usually have a healthy amount open. The picture above was taken at the end of the day on Sunday, August 30th. So yeah, we won't need to open new bottles, trust us.

So, get off the couch and come down at 3PM for some cheaper wine... almost 50% OFF from some of our more expensive red glass pours. Oh, we would still have some brunch food or our regular menu if you want to nibble too.

Just a thought.

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