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British Invasion - Dec 12th.... Be There!

We are doing a British-themed dinner at Locus in December.

Expect funny accents (there is no CH sound in YouTube but tell that to the Brits), poor service (not really... we are pretty proud of our service) and lumpy beer (actually, we only have wine). 

We are bringing British every day food/family dinner/Sunday Roast  concept to you since you can't really travel.  As usual, each plate comes with 1 or 2 wine pairings. This wine dinner retails at $100 plus tax per person. The wine club discounts apply at checkout.  Oysters & Apples european flats, green apple mignonette 2019 Locus Modo White Potato Soup leek, corn, smoked haddock 2016 Locus Sud Welsh Rarebit cheddar, beer 2015 Locus Red Yorkshire Pudding savory tea  2016 Locus Strand Vineyard Syrah Shepherd's Pie Lamb, pea purée 2017 Locus Noel Vineyard Merlot (NEW) Chicken Tikka Pasty potato, coriander, cumin 2014 Locus Ramseyer Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Sticky Toffee Pudding whipped cream 2017 Locus Rosé (LIBRARY)

Go to for details or to reserve your seat.

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