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Dwell, Drink and Be Well with Locus Wines at BOTTLEHOUSE

Bottlehouse, wine bar and shop, in Madrona has added 2013 Locus Red (Rhone blend with 68% Syrah and 32% Grenache) on its red wine by the glass rotation. You can now get a 2 oz or 5 oz taste of the wine, or go directly to bottle. They also added the 2014 Locus Rosé to their Rosé offering at the wine shop.

Their wine list rotates and evolves frequently, so head on over there before they run out of the Locus wines. And if they have run out, demand that they bring it back!

Joking aside, for those who may not be familiar with Bottlehouse, here is a very brief summary: Located on top of the Wilridge Winery (the building was once easily recognizable by the giant wine barrel in the front yard) in a 1900s house on 34th Ave, Bottlehouse has been the prime wine drinking/tasting location in Madrona since 2010. They also offer great indoor/outdoor space for private events and parties, up to about 75-100 people.

It is really hard to find a place where you can have a glass of something (they have great cocktails and specialty beer selection as well) and nibble on delicacies (they have some outstanding cheeses, artisan meats as well as specialty sandwiches on freshest of breads) early afternoon or late evening, especially in residential neighborhoods of Seattle. Bottlehouse is definitely a neighborhood place as well as destination. They open 3PM every day and open until late, with a happy hour from 3-6PM. (During happy hour, they have some special wines and beers as well). You can probably tell we go there often.

Check out Bottlehouse’s website or simply drop in at 1416 34th AVE Seattle, WA. 98122, (less than a block north of Union on 34th).


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