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Happy New Year, Everyone!

2014 has been a year of gratitude for us here at Locus Wines. We launched our label officially in July and then proceeded to sell bunch of wine. We thought it’d be only friends and family buying the wines but then something happened: Locus caught on! We are in a number of retailers and restaurants now, we even have a online portal to retail wine, and things are starting to feel a bit like a surreal real winery.

So, thanks to you and everyone who helped us become a success story in 2014. Keep supporting us in 2015 as well, please. We are more than doubling our production for the new year and someone’s gotta buy all this wine.

Oh, by the way, you will soon see Locus Wines in a popular, ‘fancy’ grocery chain near you. We can’t announce it just yet but the first word of the 2-word name chain starts with a W and the last letter of the second word is an S. You fill in the blanks. We feel that it may take us to the next level. And whatever that next level, we are going to crush it in 2015. (Did that sound confident enough? Because we are simultaneously excited, elated and scared of all this).

Happy new year. Keep in touch.



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