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Introducing the 2015 Bar Ferdinand Rosé (by Locus)


Bar Ferdinand is having a big party on June 12th to celebrate the release of their 2015 Bar Ferdinand Rosé. How do we play into this? We made the wine for them. This exciting collaboration was primarily due to the fact that the wines we like to drink are the kind of wines Bar Ferdinand guys like to drink.

The wine selection at both Bar Ferdinand locations (on 11th Ave and on Melrose) are just stupidly amazing: In the presence of such quality, we often find ourselves saying  “hey, why don’t you choose something for us?” Designing a Rosé they like has been very exciting, intimidating and humbling.

Here is the event information, before we drown in the sap: The tickets for the SHOW ME THE PINK 2015 Bar Ferdinand Rosé release event at the Melrose Market (on Melrose Ave between Pine and Pike) at 12PM are $12/person and now on sale at Stranger Tickets.

$12 ticket includes a glass of wine and entertainment. Those who wear PINK to the event get $1 off from each additional glass of wine. Also, $1 from each glass sale goes to Komen Puget Sound for Breast Cancer Research. Now, you have no excuses.



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