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Locus in Kitsap and Pierce Counties

So where does one find Locus Wines outside the immediate Seattle metro area in King county, you ask? What if you are driving and you get the urge to Locus, pronto?

Well, quite a few places actually. Here is a list of various Kitsap and Pierce county retail and restaurant locations, up to date as of July 2018.

We keep the list updated on our Retail Locations and Restaurants, if you are interested in finding Locus Wines around the Washington state. Thanks to our distributor, Cru Selections, we are not just in Seattle and surrounding cities in King county anymore.

Keep in mind that while we update the locations list monthly, there may be additions/subtractions to it as retailers/restaurants cycle through their inventories.


  1. Heyday Farm (Bainbridge Island)

  2. Hitchcock (Bainbridge Island)

  3. Earth & Vine (Bainbridge Island)

  4. Town and Country Market (Bainbridge Island)

  5. Night Shade (Bremerton)

  6. Mossback Café (Kingston)

  7. The Point Casino (Kingston)

  8. D’Vine Wine LLC (Kingston)

  9. Port Gamble General Store (Port Gamble)

  10. Central Market (Poulsbo)

  11. Lone Rock Mercantile (Seabeck)


  1. For the Love of Spice (Gig Harbor)

  2. Gertie and the Giant Octopus (Gig Harbor)

  3. Green House (Gig Harbor)

  4. Blend Wine Shop (Lakebay)

  5. Urban Timber (Sumner)

  6. Azarra Salon and Wine (Tacoma)

  7. Marzanos (Tacoma)

  8. Tacoma Wine Merchants (Tacoma)

  9. Wildside Wines (Tacoma)

Wanna know where else in the WORLD you can find Locus? Well, let’s calm down first. Our world currently extends to Idaho and Minnesota. The Retails Locations and Restaurants page will tell you where you can find us in those states (the WORLD) too.


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