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Locus Wines: Featured Winery at Local 360, Starting October 10th

Local 360 in Belltown is featuring Locus Wines all week this week, starting October 10th. Specifically, you will find these wines on the menu:

  1. 2015 Locus Sémillon, Dineen Vineyard

  2. 2015 Locus Rosé, Yakima Valley

  3. 2014 Locus Modo Red, Columbia Valley

  4. 2012 Locus Syrah, StoneTree Vineyard

This is one of the rare opportunities to get more of the StoneTree Syrah since we no longer have it available at retail locations.

Local 360 is one of the rare sustainable restaurants in the Northwest. The 360 reference in the name is about sourcing 90% of all raw ingredients come from within 360 miles of Seattle.

The Locus team (Rich Burton, Ton Yazici) will be on hand to hang out/dine on October 11th, Tuesday evening from 6 to 8PM.


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