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Locus Wines: Spokane Edition

The winery may be located in Seattle and the wines are made in Yakima but we sure get some sweet support from the Eastern-most end of the state. Spokane has been a very supportive market for Locus Wines and we want to acknowledge (re-acknowledge in some cases), the businesses that really welcomed us. Thank you, Spokane. We are not there too often but we sure feel the love.

In October and November 2018 timeframe alone, four new establishments added Locus to their offerings:

  1. Lantern Tap House

  2. Latah Bistro

  3. Wild Sage

  4. No-Li Brewhouse

The following businesses have featured us in the past, and some of them, like Left Bank, seem to like us enough to keep coming back:

  1. Bottles (Spokane Valley)

  2. The Grain Shed

  3. Indaba Café

  4. Left Bank

  5. Manito Tap House

  6. Nectar Wine and Beer

  7. Petunias

  8. Rocket Market

  9. Steel Barrel

  10. Vino

  11. Yokes Argonne #11

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