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New Vintages of the Locus White, Rosé and Red Are Officially Released

This is probably coming as absolutely no surprise to you if you’ve been following us but nevertheless, it is official! The 2014 Locus Dineen Vineyard Semillon, the 2014 Locus Rosé (Grenache, Mourvedre and Cinsault) and the 2013 Locus Red (Grenache and Syrah blend) are officially in the market. You can read more about the wines on the Wines page and even order them online at the Wine Store.

We think the Semillon is pretty similar to last year’s, if not slightly better, more rounded this time around.The Rosé is definitely different than last year: There is more citrus on the nose and the color reminds us of a true Rhone rosé. The red is from high elevation fruit resulting in a pretty kick ass Rhone blend that makes us proud.


A pretty bad picture of Tallulah’s Menu

In addition to offering the wines to our existing retail and restaurant partners, we have some new and exciting stuff in the works: We started offering our wines on tap and they are already out there. The new Rosé is already on tap (our first venture into tap wines) at Tallulah’s on Capitol Hill. Both the white (also on tap) and the rosé are available at Palace Kitchen.

Our winemaker, Rich Burton has been pouring the wines over the last few weeks and the feedback has been great. Here is to hoping for another year of good and affordable wine drinking.


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