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Wine Business Monthly Profiles Locus Wines’ Rich Burton in June 2016 Issue


Written in the classic Rich Burton way, it is easy to read through the piece and see/feel the modesty and the passion wrapped in a bit of humor. Here is a taste of what the article reads like: “I have many more years under my belt as a wine drinker than as a winemaker.  I was introduced to Washington wine working in the restaurant business when I was getting my Finance degree at the University of Washington in Seattle.  After 15 years in the tech industry, I decided my passion for wine should expand from drinking what I like to making what I like and sharing it with others.  I got my winemaking certificate through Washington State University (this now makes me both a UW Husky and a WSU Cougar, cue the internal turmoil).  I love how it’s going so far and will do this until the day I die.

Cheers Rich and congratulations.

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