Rich Burton is the winemaker and one of the two proprietors of Locus Wines. Rich's story is quite usual: Boy goes to University of Washington (a husky), gets a Finance degree and then a corporate job, and then grows up. Somewhere along the way, he finds his passion (wine). He starts making wine even before getting his Oenology certificate from Washington State University (a cougar, too), all this while maintaing his corporate job. Like we said, quite usual.

Ton Yazici is the co-proprietor, the general manager and the resident Chef at Locus. He comes from a diverse corporate background, with a passion for wine and food: So much so that, during one of his midlife crises, he trained to become a Culinarian. In his spare time, he teaches at The Seattle Culinary Academy and runs a small catering company.  

Harry Moen is the resident sommelier at Locus. He is the only one on the team that has professional proof that he knows a thing or two about wine. He comes from a diverse background that includes food, wine and even some construction work for his family business, but his heart belongs to wine and food: He is a recent graduate of the Seattle Culinary Academy and he is a level 2 certified sommelier. In his spare time, he enlightens  customers with his wine knowledge while also impressing them with his mad cooking skills.  

Harry's leaving us soon. So we are hiring. See the job description on

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