Rich is the winemaker and one of the two proprietors of Locus Wines. Rich's story is quite usual: Boy goes to University of Washington (a husky), gets a Finance degree and then a corporate job, and then grows up. Somewhere along the way, he finds his passion (wine). He starts making wine even before getting his Oenology certificate from Washington State University (a cougar, too), all this while maintaing his corporate job. Like we said, quite usual.

Ton is the co-proprietor, the general manager and the resident Chef at Locus. After a long career in product management, he eventually leaned into his passion for food. During one of his midlife crises, instead of buying an expensive car like any self-respecting burned out corporate hack would, he trained to become a Culinarian. Although he recently left his position as the Dean of the Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central College to supposedly focus on Locus, he also runs a small catering company, esca.  


Xavier (not pictured, guess he is camera shy) is a tasting room associate at the Pioneer Square location. He is quite but don't let that fool you. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. Once you get him to open up, you realize there is a wealth and well-rounded treasure trove of wine information there in his head. Oh and he has exquisite palate and he can articulate the flavors without a moment's hesitation. You wanna win his heart? Bring some black coffee with you. No need to bring wine, we got it here. 

Becky and Tyler are also on the team. Their write-ups and pictures are coming soon.