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Locus Wines Recipes

Welcome to the treasure trove of goodness. As you know, we are all about food and wine. This is the page, I, Ton, shall reveal all my secrets and lies. Or maybe I will just stick to recipes.

As we do more pairings exploring, the list of recipes will grow so bookmark this page and check back often.

You can click on a wine to expand and see the downloadable recipes.


Our rosé is acidic and refreshing, with a lot of floral notes on the nose, but citrusy flavors with nary a sweet tone in the mid palate and finish. It finishes very clean too. It is best paired with similar dishes - acidic, refreshing, not super-heavy flavors. You can do a ceviche, with shellfish or white fish or even veggies (I used kohlrabi for a vegan ceviche for a dinner).

Sweet Pea Hummus
Download PDF • 101KB

Green Gazpacho
Download PDF • 71KB

Scallop Ceviche
Download PDF • 128KB

Modo White or Sauvignon Blanc

Sud - the Grenache Blend Extraordinnaire

Keller Syrah


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