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Mother's Day Brunch: Must Make Reservation (No Walkins, Unfortunately)

Maybe it is the price we must pay for being appreciated, but we have been recieving a lot of reservations for this Sunday's brunch service and as a result, we are concentrating on those who have reserved tables - essentially turning it into a private party.

This does not mean we are sold out (yet or at least not as of this moment) but it just means that we will not be able to accommodate any walkins on the day. So, if you are thinking about coming, make up your mind and make a reservation. :-)

Here is the menu:

Duck Confit Belgian Waffles - BACK FROM LAST YEAR

warm syrup, fresh fruit


Crispy Pork Belly - NEW

on waffles or on polenta


Traditional Turkish Breakfast

all you see in the picture on that first picture up top,

plus Turkish tea, skillet with eggs and sucuk

(nut-free, can be prepped vegetarian)

Avocado Toast

toasted Skagit loaf, feta, pickled red onions, fried egg, cherry tomatoes

(vegetarian, nut-free, can be prepped dairy-free)

French Toast Bread Pudding

warm maple syrup, cream and fresh fruit

(vegetarian, nut-free)

Barley Grain Bowl - NEW

avocado, veggies, chickpeas, spring greens,

green peppercorn-agave dressing, poached egg

(vegetarian, nut-free; can be prepped gluten-free as salad)

Granola Bowl, Savory or Sweet - NEW

savory: whipped ricotta, cherry tomatoes, arugula salad, pickled red onion

sweet: Greek yogurt, agave syrup, fresh berries

(vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free)

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