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So What the Heck is Traditional Turkish Breakfast?

A lot of variety, in short.

Not necessarily quantity. Not all Turkish people are as 'physically voluminous' as me. Also, while traditional means culturally appropriate, it does not mean modern families in Turkey eat like this everyday. Or they would be 'lusciously proportioned' as well. (Do you like how I am avoiding the word 'fat'?)

Turkish breakfast starts with tea.

Then the food follows: Generally, a healthy portion of white cheese (you call it feta, we call it white cheese) and olives (multiple types of course, dry and wet) and bread. I can't find good Turkish bread here so for the brunch special, we will do some local bread but also simit.

What is simit, you ask? What isn't it, i ask you back.

It is a round, bread-like deliciousness that is covered in sesame seeds and then baked in a wood-fired oven. It is so good. Especially when it is crisp and warm. Most people like eating it with cheese. I think it deserves to be eaten all by itself. With some tea, perhaps.

Then we venture in optional things like, more cheeses.... Kashar, a.k.a. kashkaval in other culture, is a lightly aged cheese, with mild flavors recalling a light cheddar or even a firmer mozzarella.

Then we add sucuk. The mild beef sausage that leaves an impression. It is delicious yes but it also clubbers anything else around it. Except maybe eggs. That is why i love eggs with my sucuk.

It is not enough though. A small salad is required. And how about some fresh 'cigarette pastry' with all this? No, we are not feeding you tobacco, dummy.... it just looks like cigarettes.... They are stuffed with feta and black pepper and parsley and they are like crack.... But you only get two.

And oh yeah, you get some butter and honey too but do you really need it????

Want all this? You gotta come down to the tasting room in the month of March for brunch, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11am to 3pm. Make your reservations on OpenTable here:

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