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Wine Club Pick Up Party.... July 24th and 25th

Wine club members!!!! You ready to partaaaayyyyy???

We've been doing these in reservation-only format for the last 2 years. Well, we are switching back to a party style release. Let us break it down:

  • We will turn the outside space to a wine garden.

  • You will arrive any time between 1AM and 4PM.

  • There will be well-marked wine and food stations for you to visit.

  • Then you will have a chance to hang in the garden - cocktail-party style until you are ready to pick up your wines and go. You can social distance that way, if you are still weary.

  • Don't want to go so quickly? If available, we will get a table for you so you can party on.

Party tips:

  • It is FREE to party for member and a guest. You can bring more friends and let them enjoy it for $25 plus tax, per person. The more the merrier.

  • From 11AM to 4PM, the wine garden is ALL the service we will offer. So you can come as a non-member, pay your per person fee and pretend you are a member of an exclusive club, you poser you.

  • Don't arrive at 3:30PM. You will rush through it all and not enjoy as much. The party will end swiftly at 4PM each day and we will revert to regular service.

(Ton will manage the kitchen service. So you know it will end swiftly. If he were writing this, he would say "abruptly" instead of "swiftly" and that he would remove items from your cold, dead hands whether you were finished or not. But thankfully, we don't let him write things because he scares people)

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