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Chuck’s Hop Shop, Home Remedy, Bounty Kitchen, Collections Café to Locus

The month of June saw a few new establishments (either new as in ‘brand new’ or new to Locus) in Seattle get on the Locus train:

  1. Everyone’s favorite beer house in the Central District, Chuck’s Hop Shop is offering the Locus Rosé on tap for those who find none of the 47 beers on tap appealing

  2. Bounty Kitchen in Queen Anne is carrying the 2015 Locus Sud

  3. Collections Café at the Chihuly Gardens is carrying the Locus Rosé

  4. Fresh Fish Company on Northwest 80th has Locus Rosé on the shelves

  5. Tom Douglas’ Home Remedy is carrying the Locus Rosé

  6. Left Bank Wine in South Park is pouring the Locus Rosé

  7. Metropolitan Market in Sandpoint has both the Locus Rosé and Locus Modo White

If you are interested sampling some of these wines, come join us for the Locus Summer Party on Saturday, July 28th. Click here for more information.


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