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Wine Club Pick-Up Party Weekend (Nov 13-14, 2021)

Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th, from 11AM to 4PM, we will host the next wine club pick up party. We will taste some new wines and some old ones, all paired with bites as usual. You will get to pick up your wines. Want to make it last? Sure. After you are done tasting, you can stay and have a glass or two, if you'd like.

We will revert back to our regular operations menu right at 4PM. The food and wine pairing event is complimentary as always for the wine club member and 1 guest. The cost to additional guests or non-members is $25 per person (plus taxes) at the door. No need for reservations (unless you want to stay after 4PM).

2018 Locus Grenache (NEW RELEASE) Cranberries in Grenache and Orange,

roasted turkey breast (gf, df, nf)

2016 Locus Red (NEW RELEASE) Double Cream Mushroom 'Soup',

paprika, dill (vegetarian, gf, nf)

2017 Locus Keller Syrah (NEW RELEASE) Apricot, Fig and Saffron Lamb Tagine,

tasted almonds, GF cracker (gf)

2017 Locus Strand Syrah (NEW RELEASE) Endives & Rocquefort,

dijon, chives (vegetarian, gf, nf)

Winter Sangria Aşure (Noah's Pudding) Himalayan red rice, brown rice, wild rice, garbanzo beans, northern beans

with toasted walnuts and pine nuts, cinnamon, mascarpone cream (vegetarian, gf)


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