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Locus at Esquin, Blueacre, Tanakasan, Serafina, Fry Art Museum, Joe Bar and More…

Just in time for the summer, a few locations in Seattle (either expanded their offering of or) added Locus Wines:

  1. Blueacre wine list currently includes the 2012 Locus Syrah, StoneTree Vineyard

  2. Serafina, Tanakasan, Frye Art Museum, Joe Bar, Palace Kitchen, Salted Sea, Hazelwood, Red Cow, Joule are now pouring 2015 Locus Rosé by the glass

  3. Central Market Co-op at Shoreline, Madison Central Co-op and European Vine Selections (The Wine Shop) have added the Rosé to their shelves in addition to other Locus selections

  4. MKT is now pouring the 2014 Locus Modo Red

  5. Leschi Market now carries the 2015 Locus Rosé, in addition to 2014 Locus Modo and the 91WS 2013 Locus Red

  6. Esquin in SoDo is carrying the 2013 Locus Red


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