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Locus Sangria Recipe Now on Sip Northwest Magazine

Locus Rosé Sangria

Well, the secret is out. Like, really out.

The Locus-lovers-only Rosé sangria we've been making for Fall releases since Fall of 2017 now belongs to the internets... When Sip Northwest magazine visited our Occidental Ave tasting room earlier this month on a Thursday, they had a chance to sample our Thursdays-only sangria and they loved it. Or at least Erin from Sip Northwest did. She wanted the recipe and I couldn't say no. So now, the recipe that we only distributed to our wine club members and those on the mailing list is out for the world to try. Well, if you love something, set it free, right?

Erin did a really nice feature article with it too. In fact, you can access it (for now) from Sip Northwest main page as part of the featured stories on the carousel. Here is the more permanent link to the article though (just click on the image of the article below)

We usually serve this sangria with Asure (Noah's Pudding), a traditional Turkish delicacy that signifies the riches of the Fall harvest. But you can also pair this recipe with a fresh salad OR possibly with some spicy Southeast Asian delicacy. If it were up to me though, I'd just sip this by itself. It does not need anything with it. Maybe a nice book, or a good movie.

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