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New Retailers and Restaurants for Locus: Mid-July Edition

Earlier in the month, we had announced quite a few new locations that carry Locus Wines but we are seeing more stores and restaurants joining the fray, so we thought we’d amend to the updates from July 2nd and July 3rd. Here are some of the new places that are now selling/pouring the wines in the greater Seattle area:

  1. Siefert and Jones Wine Merchants, Bellingham, WA (2014 Modo Red)

  2. Vinostrology, Bellingham, WA (2015 Sud)

  3. Mossback Café, Kingston, WA (2016 Rosé)

  4. Tacoma Boys, Puyalup, WA (2014 Modo Red, 2016 Modo White, 2016 Rosé)

  5. Plateau Club, Sammamish, WA (2016 Rosé)

  6. Stella Deli and Market, Seattle, WA (2014 Modo Red)

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