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Old Stove Brewery in Seattle, Epulo in Edmunds, Ballinger Village Thriftway in Shoreline and Others

Over the last few months, we added a few new establishments (either new as in ‘brand new’ or new to Locus) in Seattle and over the Washington state:

  1. The storied Edmonds location, Epulo Bistro carried 2016 Locus Modo Red, starting in September. So did the Ballinger Village Thriftway in Shoreline.

  2. Metropolitan Market on Admiral in West Seattle has 2017 Locus Modo White. So does the Locol Barley & Vine on 35th Ave SW. So does the Shorewood Grocery in the neighboring Shorewood area.

  3. Harry’s on Tye in Monroe is carrying the 2016 Locus Modo Red as well.

  4. Old Stove Brewing on Western in downtown Seattle has been pouring the 2016 Locus Rosé since July.

  5. Left Bank Wine Bar and The Grain Shed in Spokane carroes the 2016 Locus Modo Red. Indaba Coffee carries the 2016 Locus Rosé.

  6. If you are in Stevenson, stop by A&J Market for 2016 Locus Modo Red.

If you are interested sampling some of these wines or discover other wines we have been making, come join us for the Locus Fall Party on Saturday, November 17th from 2 to 6pm in Madrona neighborhood. Click here for more information.

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