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Spokane goes Locus (with 2017 Rosé and 2016 Modo Red)

Spokane has beat you all to it!

They have not only tasted the wines we are releasing next week, they are already offering them to patrons by the bottle or by the glass. The new 2017 Locus Rosé and the 2016 Locus Modo Red have earned some fans east of the state.

  1. Huckleberry’s Natural Market – (2016 Modo Red)

  2. Rocket Market – (2016 Modo Red)

  3. Manito Tap House – (2017 Rosé, by the glass)

  4. Europa – (2017 Rosé, by the glass)

  5. Wild Sage – (2016 Modo Red and 2014 the Locus Red by the glass, in May)

  6. Nectar – (2016 Modo Red by the glass) .

  7. Petunia’s – (2016 Modo Red)

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