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Where to Find the New Releases in Washington and Idaho

There has been quite a few inquiries as to where those of you who couldn’t make it to the July party could find the new releases out and about. Just to refresh your memory: we released 2018 Locus Modo White (60% Semillon, 40% Sauvignon Blanc), 2017 Locus Semillon and 2017 Locus Modo Red (70% Merlot blend). We thought a comprehensive list (as of July 31st, we don’t know who added the new wines on in August yet).EstablishmentThe WineCityBallinger Village ThriftwayLocus 2017 Modo RedShorelineBardenayLocus 2017 Modo RedCoeur d’AleneBellevue Brewing CompanyLocus 2017 Modo RedBellevueCafe FloraLocus 2017 Modo RedSeattleIvar’s Pier 54Locus 2017 Modo RedSeattleMazama Country StoreLocus 2017 Modo RedMazamaRoost LifestyleLocus 2017 Modo RedMoses LakeSnowgoose ProduceLocus 2017 Modo RedMount VernonLone Rock MercantileLocus 2017 SemillonSeabeckArista Wine CellarsLocus 2018 Modo WhiteEdmondsCafe Luna VashonLocus 2018 Modo WhiteVashonDelicatusLocus 2018 Modo WhiteSeattleIvar’s Pier 54Locus 2018 Modo WhiteSeattleLocol Barley & VineLocus 2018 Modo WhiteSeattleMazama Country StoreLocus 2018 Modo WhiteMazamaMetropolitan Market – KirklandLocus 2018 Modo WhiteKirklandMetropolitan Market – KirklandLocus 2018 Modo WhiteKirklandMetropolitan Market AdmiralLocus 2018 Modo WhiteSeattlePort Gamble General StoreLocus 2018 Modo WhitePort GambleQFC #838 InglewoodLocus 2018 Modo WhiteKirklandRocket MarketLocus 2018 Modo WhiteSpokaneVita’sLocus 2018 Modo WhiteLopez IslandWine LoftLocus 2018 Modo WhiteOlympia

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